Monday, February 27, 2012

Dumpster Diving...

Well last weekend I was hauling a couple of bags of garbage off and look what my fella who works at the dump had for me! 
Can you believe someone threw this away?

 Sure the old green vinyl was ugly as homemade soap, but that was an easy fix!


My original plan was to strip it down to the bare wood, but once I started sanding I found this beautiful blue/green layer of paint beneath the off white. I decided to just leave it like this. 

 LOOK! Its cedar lined! Seriously? Someone tossed this out? What were they thinking?

 Yes, this is one of my babies - Bella. She's a camera whore!

 I SWEAR she thinks she's Vanna White!

This is perfect at the foot of my bed because it isn't too wide. If it was any wider I would kick it and crack my toe in the middle of the night. 

Also I love this because with 2 dogs and a cat I'm constantly swapping out and washing my bedspreads, and I really needed the additional storage. 

I really do have a no dogs on the bed rule, but this one is really hard to say no to when she's posing and being so stinking cute!

 I'm not crazy about the dark fabric I used to recover the top, but it'll do until I find something better. 

Y'all thought I was kidding when I said she had to be in EVERY shot...

 Isn't this beautiful? Like I said, I was going to strip it down, but I really like this rough "distressed" finish. Not to mention it took a total of like 30 minutes from beginning to end. 

Bella seems to think that this would be a good place for her to nap...

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