Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Meet The Family

Thanks for stopping by. I wanted to take a second to introduce you to my family. 

This is my handsome husband Jeff who you will often hear me affectionately refer to as "McHottie". He's my go to guy when I need something built. He takes my random ideas and helps me turn them into reality. He can build or fix anything. 

These are our two youngest grocery gobblers: Brook and Mason. 

This is my Mason and me, then our oldest daughter the day she got her drivers license. She was so excited because she passed her test on the first try. (All of her cousins had to take it 2-5 times each!)

This is our kitty Fuzzy. She's trying to help me out with this whole blogging thing...
This is Bella our English Bulldog. She is my "muse'. She is a riot! I wanted her like a bad case of the clap, but now that we have her I wouldn't trade her for a million bucks!

 And finally this is Princess Shelby. She is getting old and grumpy, although she doesn't look it in this picture. Like Bella, she's also a rescue dog. These three girls keep me in stitches with their antics!

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