Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Something for nothing

So we all love to get something for nothing, right? I know I sure do! 

So I was surfing through Pinterest and I came across the most adorable wreath! I couldn't believe it was made out of coffee filters! Now the wreath that I saw online was made with the natural (tan) coffee filters. I love the look of the natural filters because they look "aged", but all I have on hand are the white filters. 

I don't have a foam wreath to glue the filters to, but we live at the beach so we have a gazillion swimmy noodles laying around! I simply bent the noodle into a circle, inserted a coat hanger, and taped the ends together. Waalaa! A free "upcycled" foam wreath! And who doesn't like to use what we have around the house rather than making a trip into town to gather supplies?

So as you can see all you do is pinch the coffee filters in the center and use a glue gun to glue them to the wreath. 

Then I just glued a row inside the form, then I glued a row outside the form. Then I filled in the center. Yes, its really that easy! I wish I could say its more complicated than that so I sound smarter, but.... Ummm. Yep. That's all there is to it. 

So how can you not love this project?! This is seriously a project that you could do with the kids, as long as you keep an eye on them with the glue gun. (I only have a couple of blisters) This project literally cost me ZERO dollars! I already had the swimmy noodles, I had to go next door to my neighbor's to get a wire hanger, and I already had the coffee filters, too. It took an entire .99 cent package and a few more from another package.

What do you think?

I know my bedroom is really sad and it needs some attention and some decoration and style. 


  1. And this is so easy that you can talk on the phone for the whole time you're creating it and never miss a filter!!!!!

    1. Y'all, she IS serious! We really DID talk on the phone the whole time. Hehehe! I was making my wreath and Toni was making a three strand necklace. (She makes beautiful jewelry)
      I'm TRYING to get Toni to be a contributing editor. She's so stinking creative and talented and we share so many ideas back and forth, but I can't seem to get her to contribute... (hint! hint!)

  2. This is awesome, never would have thought of it and it is so inexpensive! I might have to make one or two for Easter/ Spring decor, if I do I will have to link up your post!