Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Home from mini-vacation

Well I don't have any exciting projects going on right this moment. I've been on a working/vacation, and I'm in the process McHottie was kind enough to share his cold with me. How sweet, huh? He was sick the beginning of the week, then I started coming down with it around Thursday, but I tried not to let it keep me down

We stayed in a friend's ocean front beach house and helped them get it ready for the upcoming tourist season. Of course you know the "girls" and I had to go beach combing each morning and hunt for treasures... 

Of course my son had to go fishing...

The water was surprisingly warm for March.  
I couldn't keep Bella and Shelby out of the water! 
Shelby is our "bird patrol". She makes sure that no seagulls land near us nor fly too near the ground. She will jump up in the air trying to keep those nasty flying rats off of "her beach". 

You would think that a little priss pot like a Yorkie would be afraid of the ocean, but not Miss Shelby! She LOVES the ocean! Both of my dogs love to swim, the ocean and boat rides. 

We watched this trawler several mornings in a row heading south. It was fascinating to hear it, but not be able to see it because the fog was so thick. Then all of a sudden it would pop out of the fog bank. Then as the sun came up it just melted the fog away like warm breath on a cold pane of glass. 

This pair of dove had a nest somewhere in the dune near the ocean front deck. They came and visited often, especially in the morning while I was having my coffee or after dinner when we got back from an evening walk.

 How would you like to wake up to the sight of this every morning? I know I sure would! I know our normal every day home is only a few miles from the ocean, but after a week of seeing this every morning it just doesn't seem close enough. 

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