Saturday, March 3, 2012


So my shadow and I took advantage of the beautiful weather last weekend and went for a walk on the beach. I'm new to photography (with a good camera), so Bella and I had a little fun beach-combing and snapping a few photos along the way. I am in no way claiming to be a professional photographer. I just like to take pictures and every once in a while I get lucky, and with a cutie pie like this its easy to get a few good lucky shots every now and again. 
After dis we go for milkshakes, right momma?
Bella loves to sniff out treasures on the beach. She's also a social butterfly, so she thinks she is the official welcome wagon and should "speak" to everyone we pass on the beach. 

Melissa Shell
Southern Shores, NC

 Bella used her keen sense of smell to sniff out some treasures for me, but unfortunately she also stepped on some of the fragile things, too =(  Fortunately for me it was a really good day for shelling and there were lots of starfish to be found. 

Look! Its like someone dumped a whole bag of them just for us! We found a few pieces of sea glass, too! 

Clam shell and starfish

We been walking for miles. Can we go for milkshakes now Momma? Pweese?
 I had some minor surgery that's got me home bound for a couple of days, so I hope to get out and about next week and maybe Bella and I can get up to Corova and get some new horse pics. Until then let me share some of my favorites Corova pictures that I took earlier this year before Santa brought me a nice camera....

 Aren't they just beautiful animals? Hard to believe they're wild. This baby isn't very old at all. Momma isn't letting me get very close...

I took these from the boat with my cell phone, so they aren't very clear, but still....

 This is from the inside of the basin at the Whalehead Club looking out. 

 This is going in to the basin at the Whalehead Club at the Corolla Light in Corolla, NC. 

 She's looking for treasures. 

You want this chair? You gonna have to give me cheese...

I fink I smell cheese.


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment I wish you luck on your chair.

  2. I am so homesick it isnt even funny!!!!!! Love and miss you!!

  3. OMG! Fun post and I love all of Bella's funny quotes, made me giggle!